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About Us

Since 1943, Spartan Tool has been manufacturing sewer and drain cleaning equipment for you, the professional user. Originally located in Chicago, Spartan moved in the 1950s to its current headquarters location in Mendota, Illinois.  Despite a few ownership changes in its early years, Spartan has been part of Heico Holding, Inc.--a multi-billion dollar privately held manufacturing concern based in the Chicago area--since 1978.  With facilities and clients all over the world, the depth of talent and financial resources of Heico has enabled Spartan to grow and prosper throughout its long history.


Spartan Tool prides itself on producing innovative products that solve the problems of the drain cleaning market, with a focus on safe operation, customer service, and equipment that pays back tremendous dividends over years--even decades--of operation. Assembled at our manufacturing plant in Niles, Michigan, Spartan's USA-built products are engineered for extraordinary durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Ever since its origins, Spartan Tool has focused on selling directly to the end users of our equipment. Today, we have dozens of Territory Managers employed throughout the United States who routinely call on drain cleaners, plumbers, maintenance staffs, municipalities, and other customers.


They will come to your door with equipment and parts, ready to determine your needs and answer any questions you may about equipment, training, repairs--you name it. Most of our experienced territory managers have a substantial background in the plumbing industry as drain cleaners or plumbers themselves, and can provide a unique perspective on our equipment and how to make money using it.

Our direct-to-the-customer, consultative selling approach has made us especially aware of the challenges and opportunties our customers face in the drain cleaning market. Spartan Tool learns from this customer feedback and applies this education to the task of engineering equipment that is simply the best available.  What are the results?

How about cable machines that can withstand the torture of clearing multiple drains daily and SparShine® replacement cables wound with a proprietary wire that resists rust and exposure to acid? How about jetters packed with features that allow you to clean lines faster? How about our UnderTaker system which offers your customers a trenchless alternative? And, most recently, we're proud to introduce our truly innovative Sparvision 200 camera system which operates with an iPad as its monitor, delivering all the simplicity of operation, quick file sharing, and startlingly clear pictures and videos that the iPad is known for.

These things and more, happening every day at Spartan Tool. Spartan--since 1943.