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September 2018 Pro of the Month: Don Smith

Smith’s Sewer Service Inc. was founded by Don Smith’s grandfather. Smith got his start working in the business as a child, when he would help his father by carrying his tools on the job. Smith took over the company as president in 1969, and they plan to be in business for many years to come.

Published on 09/11/18 Read Article
Why Isn't My Cable Machine Feeding Properly?

It’s frustrating—for some reason your Model 1065 just won’t feed out its cable. You’ve already checked out the usual suspects —the power feed, the inner drum assembly, whether or not your cable is kinked—but none of these solve the problem. No matter how much you fight it, the drum just doesn’t spin or spins hard as your cable binds up against it, keeping your machine out of the field and costing you time and money.

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10 of the Best Plumber Cartoons & Memes

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August 2018 Pro of the Month: Jon Finney

Minuteman Sewer & Drain Cleaning’s motto is “We open drains others can’t.” General Manager Jon Finney has been with the company for 19 years. During that time, he’s come to depend on Spartan Tool equipment to help Minuteman deliver on that promise.

Published on 08/14/18 Read Article
Consider a Career in Drain Cleaning

Why should people consider a career in drain cleaning? That question is best answered by the people currently on the job. When asked, those people working in the industry cited several benefits: good pay, college degree not needed, the potential to run your own company, and a recession-proof industry among other reasons.

Published on 08/02/18 Read Article
July 2018 Pro of the Month: Brent Bogan

Brent Bogan has had an interesting career in plumbing. As a plumber by trade, he was contracted through KBR, a provider of professional services, to work in the Middle East. During his three years overseas, Bogan beca­me the top plumber in Basrah, working for the Special Forces and Navy Seals.

Published on 07/10/18 Read Article
June 2018 Pro of the Month: Josh Shelton

Josh Shelton didn’t think he wanted to be a plumber when he was young. His dad opened a plumbing business in 1983, but Josh wasn’t sure he wanted to pursue plumbing as a career. After trying several different career paths and not finding something he loved, he began to appreciate the job security he saw his father enjoy in the plumbing industry.

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May 2018 Pro of the Month: Sam Vigil

“If you don’t have friends, you’re in trouble.” Sam Vigil is a man who makes friends wherever he goes. A veteran of the Korean War, Sam has operated Sam Vigil Plumbing & Heating since the 1960s.

Published on 05/11/18 Read Article
January 2018 Pro of the Month: Chris Nicholas

“Step up. Don’t be afraid to start your own business.” What great advice to all from the Owner/Operator of CN Sewer & Drain, Chris Nicholas. Back in 2011, with 15 years of experience in the sewer/drain cleaning industry under his belt, Chris took this advice.

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November 2017 Pro of the Month: Justin Connally

“Work hard, treat your customers well, and don’t quit.” That is the solid advice that Justin Connally of Connally Plumbing ( in the New Braunfels, TX area would give to anyone starting out in the industry.

Published on 11/13/17 Read Article
August 2017 Pro of the Month: Adam Rimbey

Adam Rimbey got into the drain cleaning business immediately after finishing his education. When he was just 19 years old, Adam jumped at the idea of working for a large-scale drain cleaning business. They provided him with an opportunity to support himself and learn an incredibly valuable skill at the same time.

Published on 08/07/17 Read Article
July 2017 Pro of the Month: Jonathan Pullis

“I went from working for multiple other people, to going out on my own. Then I went from a one-man band to now having seven people here at American Sewer in a matter of four years!” Jonathan Pullis (Owner/Operator) and his team at American Sewer are living proof that the American dream is still alive and well in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Published on 07/11/17 Read Article
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