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Warthog® Nozzle Guide Directory

Knowing how to choose the right sewer jetting nozzle is important.

The Warthog® nozzles offer the ability to cut roots, clear grease, clear ice blockages, and remove hard mineral deposits with just one tool. Spartan Tool stocks Warthog® nozzles for all of our hydro-jetters. Often the same nozzle that works for a Spartan jetter will work on a competitor’s jetter of similar pressure and flow. However, as Spartan Tool is one of StoneAge’s biggest distributors, we can purchase Warthog® nozzles of any size, pressure or flow. The Nozzle Guide will help you find the correct nozzle for your needs. Find what you're looking for by following the below links. Warthog® nozzles, components and accessories already engineered for Spartan Tool jetters are normally in stock and ship the next business day. 


Warthog® Nozzle WV


Warthog® Nozzles

Spartan Tool stocks jetter nozzles that are specifically engineered for every Spartan trailer and skid mounted sewer jetter. Here you can find a list of the reccommended Warthog Nozzles for your specific Spartan Jetter.


Complete Nozzle Listing 

This list includes a variety of types of nozzles categorized by your specific Spartan Jetter.

  Warthog® Sewer Jetter Nozzle WH

Jetter Nozzle Kits

View available nozzle kits for your Spartan Jetter


Additional Warthog® Nozzles

Often the same nozzle that works for a Spartan jetter will work on a competitor’s jetter of similar pressure and flow. Here you can find a list of Warthog Nozzles created for any brand of Sewer Jetter.


Warhog® Nozzle Videos 

See the Warthog Nozzles in Action!



Don't own a Spartan jetter? Don't Worry!

If you can't find the Warthog® nozzle you're looking for in our nozzle guide, we would be happy to customize a jetter nozzle for any jetter configuration. Contact us with your specifications and we'll take it from there.

Here's what we need to make a custom high-pressure jetter nozzle for your machine:

  • Maximum water pressure of your jetter (PSI)
  • Maximum water flow of your jetter (GPM)
  • Length of your jetting hose (feet)
  • Diameter of your jetting hose (inches)
  • Diameter of the pipe you want to clean (inches)