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Jetting Hose Types

Hoses are used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as food manufacturing, pumping pressurized water and air, releasing steam, transporting fuels and chemicals, venting gases, carrying water or other liquids, and so on. Industrial hoses are made of materials such as rubber, plastic, or stainless steel. 

Hydro-jetters primarily use high-pressure hose to pump water to a sewer jetting nozzle for the purpose of sewer and drain cleaning. Hydro-jetters typically use hoses of different materials for various tasks such as water tank filling, high-pressure water jetting, and wash-down of jetting equipment.


High-pressure jetting hoses are reinforced internally to withstand outward pressures on the hose wall. This is known as the hose’s ‘operating pressure.'  Typically, a hose's "burst pressure" is normally three times the operating pressure.  This is done to ensure the hose will not burst under normal use.  Sewer jetting hoses usually consist of three layers;  an inside tube that carries the water, a layer of Kevlar®-like fabrics that keep the hose from bursting under high pressure (the same types of fabric used in bulletproof vests), and a slick, outer cover that protects the inner tube as well as providing the slipperiness required to move a jetter hose down a sewer line.


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Thermoplastic v. Stainless Steel Hose


Image TypeFeatures




bends easily

slick outer covering

low flow rate loss

more economical


Stainless Steel

tremendous flexibility

rust proof and stain resistant 

resists germs and baceteria

easier to pull down a line

great for shooting traps



very small and thin

ultra flexibile

for small traps only


What Size Hose Should I Use?

Here are general pipe sizes with recommended hose diameters. 


  • 1-3" diameter pipes - 1/8" jetter hose
  • 2-4" diameter pipes - 1/4" jetter hose
  • 4-8" diameter pipes - 3/8"-5/16" or 9/16" jetter hose
  • 4-20"+ diameter pipes - 1/2," 5/8", or 3/4" jetter hose



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