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Sewer Nozzle and Jetting Hose Guide

Find the Right Nozzle and Hose for Your Jetter



Use our handy sewer nozzle and jetting hose guide to find a nozzle for your Spartan machine.  See our line of Warthog root-cutting nozzles that are carefully matched to our jetters. Learn about the various types of nozzles and the jobs they are designed to perform, and find the product that best suits your needs. 


Sewer Jetter Nozzle Listing

Spartan Tool stocks jetter nozzles that are specifically engineered for every Spartan trailer and skid mounted sewer jetter.



Warthog® Nozzle Listing

Here you can find a list of the recommended Warthog Nozzles, as well as demonstration videos and information on Warthog repair and maintenance kits.


Jetter Nozzle Kits

View available nozzle kits for your Spartan Jetter.


Sewer Nozzle Types

Learn what nozzles we offer and their various capabilities.  


Jetter Nozzle Maintenance and Safety 

How to upkeep, test, and safely handle the power of jetter nozzles.  



Jetting Hose Listing

A complete listing of our jetter hose by Spartan Jetter.



Jetting Hose Types

Compare thermoplastic hose to stainless steel trap hose and find the perfect fit for your job.