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Territory Managers

Spartan Tool Territory Managers have a substantial background in the plumbing industry, and many are former drain cleaners or Master Plumbers themselves. They are here to help you in any way they can whether you need a replacement part or have a question about financing a jetter.


Our Territory Managers travel extensively with a full complement of machines, parts and accessories. They are located in most major American cities and may also cover large portions of surrounding geography.  Your Territory Manager might be in your area right now.


To find your nearest Spartan Tool representative, type your zip code in the box and click go. 


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Territory Managers are here to Help


Roger Short

Well, I got a call from a job site the other day. Jim had his 81 cable machine and was facing a classic back-to-back toilet situation, where a neighboring apartment had a bathroom up against the one he was working on.


He wanted to make sure that he didn’t run his cable too far into the line and end up causing a whole other mess. I told him we make a drop head for that sorta thing, which I knew he had. So he was able to make money on the job, instead of flushing it down the drain.

-Roger Short, California Territory Manager since 1974



Bob Griffith

I got a call a little while back. My customer had an UnderTaker and had it on a pipe replacement job. His client happened to be holding an outdoor event the day he was there to do the job. On top of that, he unexpectedly needed help with a part or else he was going to have to go ahead and dig up the lawn. 


Luckily, I was close enough that I was able to get there and give him the part he needed without ever disrupting his client’s event.

-Bob Griffith, New Jersey Territory Manager since 2001