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Spartan Tool Videos

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth a million!  Spartan wants to show you why we’re the best solution for your drain cleaning needs.  Plus we want to help you get the most from your machine by offering tips and suggestions.  So, we created this video page for you to reference should you need to solve a problem.  Not every machine or possible issue can be found here, but we’re committed to adding a video a month until we run out of machines and tricks to show you.  So if you don’t find what you are looking for here, please check back from time to time, and we may have just loaded a video that addresses your particular issue.


Sparvision 200 iPad App Videos

How to use the new Sparvision 200 iPad Application to control the sewer camera features and functions.

Cable Comparison Videos

These videos show a head to head comparison of Spartan Tool Cable against various alternative cables.

Cable Installation Videos

These videos describe how to load new cable or

anchor cable into your Spartan Tool Cable Machine.

Cable Maintenance Videos

How to handle minor and major kinks in cable.

Warthog Nozzle Videos

Warthog Nozzles are an effective tool in removing grease & soil blockages, cutting roots, and clearing ice.

Venturi Pump Attachment Videos

These videos show the Venturi pump's capabilities, plus how to set up the pump for your specific jetter.

UnderTaker System Videos

These videos take you through all facets of trenchless excavation.

Sewer Jetter Winterization Videos

Protect your Spartan Hydro Jetter from the cold by following these winterization instructions.

Splicers and Couplings Videos

These videos take you through the installation techniques required to install couplings and splicers in Spartan cable.

Additional Videos

These are a collection of videos to familarize yourself with the Spartan Tool product line.