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Celebrating Arnie Schweiss

Published on 05/14/19 Read Article
Announcing Our New Jetter Rental Program

Making the decision to purchase a jetter is a big step for your business and an even bigger financial investment. Adding jetting services will add another revenue stream to your business, but the initial cost of the jetter can be a hurdle. Try before you buy with Spartan Tool’s new Jetter Rental Program.

Published on 04/30/19 Read Article
Trench Safety

Don't let your employees dig their own grave. Trenches, even those that are properly constructed, can and do cave in. Proper education and training is critical to avoiding incidents, accidents, and injuries.

Published on 02/01/19 Read Article
If I knew then what I know now...

We asked our followers on social media who are in the drain cleaning industry "What do you wish you knew when you were starting in the drain cleaning industry? What advice would you pass on to those who are just getting started?" Here's what they had to say.

Published on 02/01/19 Read Article
Al Lopez celebrates 58 years with Spartan Tool

Happy anniversary to Al Lopez, who today celebrates 58 years with Spartan Tool! Al serves the DC area as a Territory Manager. Please join us in thanking Al for all his hard work and dedication.

Published on 02/01/19 Read Article
The Matt Johnson Experience

We wanted to take this opportunity to share an email we got from a customer about Matt Johnson, our Territory Manager for the north central US.

Published on 01/09/19 Read Article
Winterize your jetter

Temperatures are dropping, reminding us that Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Your jetter is a significant investment in your business, and winter can be rough on it. That's why it is important to follow proper winterization procedures.

Published on 11/30/18 Read Article
Tips on Drain Cleaning Machine Maintenance

Spartan Tool machines are built to last. Make sure yours work for years to come by following these tips for drain cleaning machine maintenance from Jason Robey, Spartan Tool Territory Manager.

Published on 10/04/18 Read Article
5 creatures that have been found in toliets

Toilets are know for things going down them. But occasionally, things come up. Here are 5 creatures that have been found in toilets.

Published on 10/03/18 Read Article
Versatility of the Model 300

The Model 300 has many great features -- but there's one you may not know about. It makes the Model 300 even more versatile, allowing you to do more jobs, more easily.

Published on 09/28/18 Read Article
September 2018 Pro of the Month: Don Smith

Smith’s Sewer Service Inc. was founded by Don Smith’s grandfather. Smith got his start working in the business as a child, when he would help his father by carrying his tools on the job. Smith took over the company as president in 1969, and they plan to be in business for many years to come.

Published on 09/11/18 Read Article
Why Isn't My Cable Machine Feeding Properly?

It’s frustrating—for some reason your Model 1065 just won’t feed out its cable. You’ve already checked out the usual suspects —the power feed, the inner drum assembly, whether or not your cable is kinked—but none of these solve the problem. No matter how much you fight it, the drum just doesn’t spin or spins hard as your cable binds up against it, keeping your machine out of the field and costing you time and money.

Published on 09/10/18 Read Article
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