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Staying Safe in Confined Spaces

The keys to safe confined space entry are thorough training, planning, and preparedness. Learn how to your team can take on confined spaces in the safest way possible.

Published on 07/03/19 Read Article
Dangers of Confined Spaces

Confined space entry is part of the job -- but it can be dangerous. Read more about what defines a confined space and what to look out for in them.

Published on 07/03/19 Read Article
Genuine Spartan Cable

Genuine Spartan cable can only be bought directly from Spartan Tool or our exclusive distributors. Don't be fooled by competitors. Check for the Genuine Spartan label before you buy.

Published on 06/28/19 Read Article
Spartan & Picote Announce the Spartan Revolution

Spartan Tool, LLC and Picote Solutions Announce the Launch of the Spartan Revolution

Published on 06/21/19 Read Article
Why You Should Consider a Career in Drain Cleaning

Why should people consider a career in drain cleaning? That question is best answered by the people currently on the job. When asked, those people working in the industry cited several benefits: good pay, college degree not needed, the potential to run your own company, and a recession-proof industry among other reasons.

Published on 06/12/19 Read Article
8 Steps to Stay Healthy in Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Let’s face it – sewer and drain cleaning is a dirty, nasty business. Protect yourself and your team by following these simple steps to help avoid illness and disease when on the job.

Published on 06/11/19 Read Article
June 2019 Pro of the Month: David Allen Meyers

Join us every month as we highlight customers who have become part of our Spartan Tool family in our Pro of the Month Series. This month, we are featuring David Allen Meyers and Steven David Windham of Greenwize Plumbing in Austin, TX.

Published on 06/10/19 Read Article
10 Commandments for Sewer & Drain Cleaners

Every profession should have its 10 Commandments; the top 10 rules to live by. Here are our 10 commandments for sewer & drain cleaners.

Published on 06/10/19 Read Article
The 7 Major Hazards in Sewer & Drain Cleaning

There are seven major hazards when cleaning drains and sewers. Any one of these hazards can cause injury or may even result in death. Be aware of all seven hazards while on the job and take every precaution to ensure your safety.

Published on 06/06/19 Read Article
7 Steps to Protect Against Electrical Shock

Danger is always present when using electrical equipment in an environment with water exposure potential. Follow these safety precautions to minimize the risk of electrical shock.

Published on 05/30/19 Read Article
Stay Safe with the Manhole Protection Ring

We know the dangers of operating in and around manholes. That's why we're proud to offer the Manhole Protection Ring from H2 Technical Rescue Equipment.

Published on 05/29/19 Read Article
Celebrating Arnie Schweiss

We are saddened by the passing of Spartan friend and customer, Arnie Schweiss, of New Ulm, MN. Read more about Arnie's life and work.

Published on 05/14/19 Read Article
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