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Versatility of the Model 300

The Model 300 has many great features -- but there's one you may not know about. It makes the Model 300 even more versatile, allowing you to do more jobs, more easily.

Published on 09/28/18 Read Article
September 2018 Pro of the Month: Don Smith

Smith’s Sewer Service Inc. was founded by Don Smith’s grandfather. Smith got his start working in the business as a child, when he would help his father by carrying his tools on the job. Smith took over the company as president in 1969, and they plan to be in business for many years to come.

Published on 09/11/18 Read Article
Why Isn't My Cable Machine Feeding Properly?

It’s frustrating—for some reason your Model 1065 just won’t feed out its cable. You’ve already checked out the usual suspects —the power feed, the inner drum assembly, whether or not your cable is kinked—but none of these solve the problem. No matter how much you fight it, the drum just doesn’t spin or spins hard as your cable binds up against it, keeping your machine out of the field and costing you time and money.

Published on 09/10/18 Read Article
10 of the Best Plumber Cartoons & Memes

Published on 09/10/18 Read Article