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Pro of the Month

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April 2017 Pro of the Month: Heath Wright

K/C Plumbing was founded in March of 1982 by Heath’s dad, Chris, and a business partner, which means K/C plumbing is celebrating its 35th year of business!

Published on 04/05/17 Read Article
Feb 2017 Pros of the Month: Robert & Kelli Frank

This month our “Pros of the Month” are Robert and Kelli Frank and Four Star Plumbing in South Orange County, CA. We talked to Kelli about the business that her husband started over 24 years ago.

Published on 02/06/17 Read Article
December 2016 Pro of the Month: David Jarrell

Jarrell’s Plumbing is a family business in every sense of the word. His father started the business back in 1958. After high school David went into the service, and when he came out, he started in the family business. David and his father worked side-by-side for 20 years before his father decided to retire. David took over the business at that point and eventually moved the company from Houston to Henderson, the family’s home town.

Published on 12/21/16 Read Article
November 2016 Pro of the Month: Jon Romano

“Since 1991, J & S Plumbing has been providing quality plumbing services with genuine integrity.” That is one of the first sentences you will read on the J & S Plumbing website and the owners, Jon Romano and Sean McGrath, have built their business on that philosophy.

Published on 11/29/16 Read Article
September 2016 Pro of the Month: Paul Anderson

“My goal is to clean your drains – not your wallet – with quality work and fair, reasonable pricing.” That is the quote at the top of Paul’s website for his company. And it is a philosophy he lives by every day. When he first started in the industry (after a stint as a forklift operator and a donut baker), he worked for one company for seven years and another company for 18 years. But Paul thought he had a better way to run a business, so six years ago he started his own company, Paul Anderson Drain Cleaning.

Published on 09/22/16 Read Article
August 2016 Pro of the Month: Jason Piechura

Jason has been in the industry for over 25 years and has owned his own business for 15. He took over Chapman Plumbing in 2011 when his then boss and founder of the business, George Chapman, retired and George offered Jason the chance to buy the company. Both George and Jason were committed to high-quality customer service and wanted to keep the same level of quality during the “changing of the guard.”

Published on 08/18/16 Read Article
July 2016 Pro of the Month: Arnie Schweiss

Arnie Schweiss has been in the plumbing industry since 1947. About 25 years ago, he decided to retire and sold off all his equipment. After about 3 months of retirement, he realized he had made a mistake and started up the business again. He’s still going strong today and has no plans to retire again.

Published on 07/20/16 Read Article
June 2016 Pro of the Month: Ryan Larrimore

Ryan Larrimore understands that most families don’t have the extra cash to pay for emergency drain cleaning services. They may have some savings built up for a new car or family vacation, but few are ready to handle a last-minute plumbing emergency! Knowing this and recognizing a need for a solution, Ryan launched Express Drains in 2010. Ryan’s approach to customer satisfaction is straightforward – respond quickly and professionally to customers, resolve the customer’s drain problem as efficiently as possible, and charge a fair, but affordable price for his services.

Published on 06/01/16 Read Article
May 2016 Pro of the Month: Mitch Wright

Mitch Wright and his wife Dot opened Mitch Wright Plumbing in 1983 and the business has been kept in the family ever since. Now their children Mickey and Kate help run the business. Mitch still oversees the company while Mickey runs much of the day-to-day operations and has continued many of the traditions that his father put in place. The shop has always prided itself on its positive involvement in both the community and the environment.

Published on 05/18/16 Read Article

Since we opened our doors in 1943, we’ve been focused on helping out our favorites kind of people – plumbers & drain cleaners – do their jobs easier and faster to help them lead better lives. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have heard many of your field stories along the way. Each month we’re choosing a Pro of the Month to celebrate. This month, we’re featuring Dennis Little, owner of Mr. Rooter in Wheelersburg, OH.

Published on 04/14/16 Read Article
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