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Published 05/14/2019

We are saddened by the passing of Spartan friend and customer, Arnie Schweiss, of New Ulm, MN. Arnie worked hard and played (the concertina) hard. He was an inspiration to the current generation of drain cleaners. Mike Sekach, Spartan Sales Manager, said "This 98 year old man outworked my generation on a daily basis all while wearing his cowboy hat, dress slacks and his rubber work boots. Heaven just gained the Nations best and hardest working drain cleaner we’ve ever seen. I’m deeply saddened that Arnie was among the few left of his generation. God knows we need more Arnies in this world. Rest In Peace Brother." Bill Madden, Spartan Tool Technical Services Manager, remembered "several pleasant conversations with Arnie over the years. He always amazed me as you would of never have known he was as old as he was; always full of energy and always had a joke to share. You will be missed by all who knew you!"

Arnie enjoyed a long and fruitful life. He loved his work in the plumbing and drain cleaning industry so much, he said he wanted to “die in his boots.” We hear that even in his final days, he was managing his business from his hospital bed. All of us at Spartan Tool, especially Arnie's Territory Manager, Matt Johnson, celebrate his inspirational life, and send our condolences to the loved ones Arnie left behind.

Arnie with Spartan Sales Manager Mike Sekach