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By Spartan Tool, Published 01/09/2019

We wanted to take this opportunity to share an email we got from a customer about Matt Johnson, our Territory Manager for the north central US.

"Just wanted to take a moment to share an experience I had with Matt Johnson a couple weeks ago. Matt came to our shop to bring us a new camera locator and 2001 sewer machine. I called him on a Wednesday and he came over the next day. In the process of showing us how to operate the new locator, I started asking him about a couple of our drain machines that had some issues, which he proceeded to fix and educate me on how to fix for the future. It is very nice to have a Spartan Rep that has the drain cleaning/camera field experience that Matt does.

Mike Kies, Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating, LaCrosse, WI

After Matt was finished teaching us about the new locator and working on our equipment he went to start figuring up our bill. I then thought of a current situation that we were in involving 100’ of sewer cable that was currently stuck in a customer’s sewer lateral. We had 4 of our guys over to the house trying to get this cable out without any success. I had previously made a couple calls around town trying to get advice on how to get this cable out; never thought to call Matt. So I presented the dilemma to Matt to see if he had any ideas. Matt said, “oh, I can get that out.” I thought he was joking, but he was serious. I was at the shop and did not have any available sewer trucks at the time, so Matt offered to drive over there with me in his Spartan truck. We loaded up the new sewer machine and the necessary tools and headed over there. Matt hooked up the sewer machine to the stuck cable and retrieved it out within a half hour. I was shocked. Not only could I not believe that he got it out, I also couldn’t believe how willing Matt was to offer to do this and go the extra mile to help us out. We were planning to have to dig this sewer up, costing us thousands of dollars. No one at our shop believed me when I told them Matt got the cable out. It was a great day.


- Mike Kies, Niebuhr Plumbing & Heating, La Crosse, WI

Spartan Tool Territory Managers bring professional grade equipment to your door. Their trucks are stocked with inventory, ready to deliver on-site. We can conduct operator and safety training right at your shop. We can even do most repairs on-site, and give tips for maintenance of your Spartan equipment. Contact your local Territory Manager today to make an appointment.

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