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By spartantool , Published 07/10/2018

Affordable Rooter Service Urban Warrior Van-Mounted JetterThis month, we are featuring Brent Bogan, Owner of Affordable Rooter Service, LLC in Bryant, AR. They serve customers in the North Little Rock and Little Rock, AR areas.

Brent Bogan has had an interesting career in plumbing. As a plumber by trade, he was contracted through KBR, a provider of professional services, to work in the Middle East. During his three years overseas, Bogan beca­me the top plumber in Basrah, working for the Special Forces and Navy Seals.

When he founded Affordable Rooter Service, LLC, Bogan says it took about six months to get the business off the ground. He worked alone for nearly two years before hiring more team members. Now the business handles 25-30 jobs a day between three technicians. Affordable Rooter Service has a great reputation in the community and has seen consistent revenue growth.

Affordable Rooter Service recently purchased an Urban Warrior van-mounted jetter. It helps the company to be prepared for the most challenging jobs. Bogan equips all his vans with Spartan equipment. He says, “We wouldn’t use anything else: Spartan Tool machines are the best.” Bogan also likes the way Spartan machines are made: they can break down easily to allow the technician to quickly transport the machine to challenging spaces, get the job done, and be on their way.

Affordable Rooter Service Spartan ToolBogan’s advice to those just starting out in the industry is simple: Serve your customers well. He says, “It’s all about professionalism and doing the job right in a timely manner.” He also emphasizes the importance of cleanliness: “It will make you or break you.” A technician taking the time to clean up after themselves is always time well spent.

Affordable Rooter Service is right where they want to be, thanks to Bogan’s leadership and planning. He focuses on taking good care of his team and plans to continue doing good work in the community.

For Brent Bogan and Affordable Rooter Service, hard work has paid off. We’re happy to be a part of their success and wish them all the best in the future!

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