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By spartantool , Published 12/21/2016

Jarrell’s Plumbing is a family business in every sense of the word. His father started the business back in 1958. After high school David went into the service, and when he came out, he started in the family business. David and his father worked side-by-side for 20 years before his father decided to retire. David took over the business at that point and eventually moved the company from Houston to Henderson, the family’s home town. This allowed David to be closer to his family, as well as serve the families of the Henderson community. Now David’s son, who is a licensed Master Plumber, is working alongside David getting ready to take over the business as David starts to look at retiring. David has decided that, at 76 years old with a lifetime in the industry, it’s time to relax a little. He says he has continued working so long mostly out of necessity. “There aren’t enough young plumbers” he says, echoing the concerns of many other business owners.

From the first time you meet David, he makes you feel like a family member. Talking to him about his son and the future of the business, he is quite optimistic. He believes that the future is in the repair end of plumbing and drain cleaning services. New construction can be very competitive and often doesn’t provide a good income when businesses get into bidding wars. Additionally, new housing construction in the Henderson area has slowed down due to the oil industry, with more people in the community choosing to do repairs and remodels to existing homes. Jarrell Plumbing is focused on servicing those people in particular, offering them a wide range of plumbing and drain cleaning services.

From the early days in 1958, Jarrell Plumbing has grown to have 6 trucks and anywhere from 7-12 employees at a time. While the trucks and employees have changed over the years, Spartan machines have been a constant part of the Jarrell team. David said “If someone made a better machine, I’d buy it. But Spartan is the best.”

One of David’s favorite stories from the industry comes from another plumber. This man was called to an apartment building where a couple claimed that there had been a large snake in their commode. When the plumber arrived, there was no evidence of a snake. Soon after, however, reports from other building residents began coming in of snakes in their commodes. The plumber was eventually able to capture the elusive snake, and return it to the owner, who also lived in the apartment building. There was no word from the landlord on whether the snake would have to pay rent, but David was sure to turn on the light when using the bathroom at night for a long time after that!

Please join us in congratulating David, his son and their team on three generations and almost 60 years in business. We look forward to working with them for many more years!

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