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By Spartan Tool, Published 11/30/2018

Temperatures are dropping, reminding us that Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Your jetter is a significant investment in your business, and winter can be rough on it. Freezing temperatures can lead to extensive damage to the pump, costing thousands of dollars in repairs, if your jetter is not winterized properly. That's why it is important to follow proper winterization procedures.

Check out this great article on cold weather hazards and tips about winterizing your jetter.

Step-by-step videos
Our Spartan experts have created step-by-step videos that will walk you through the process of winterizing your jetter. These precautionary procedures can help deter damage due to freezing and cracking; damage that can mean high repair costs and lost jobs, which means less income to your company. Find the video for your jetterĀ model here.

Personal Service
Spartan Tool territory managers are here to make sure you and your staff are properly trained on the safe use of our jetting machines. Contact us to find your local Territory Manager and request a visit -- we'll be glad to schedule a time to come out and check your Spartan Tool machines for any safety and maintenance needs, train your service techs on how to use the equipment most effectively, and provide any equipment, cables, accessories, or replacement parts you might need.

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