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Tree Root Saws & Root Cutter Tools for Sewers

From time to time, you may work on a plumbing job where you run into stubborn roots that have completely clogged your client's sewer pipe. Luckily, Spartan Tool has a plethora of drain root cutters for sale. Our root tools can effectively clear out a variety of blockages. From spiral saw root cutters for sewers to other hydraulic root cutter options, our selection is unmatched. Our standard root cutter tool is fully compatible with most of our trailer jetters, and is made out of heavy-duty metal material for long-lasting use. Additionally, our tree root saw can clear blockages up to 10 inches. You won't find another root cutter quite like Spartan's. If you're ready to order a spiral saw or any other root tools, check out the items below or contact us today!

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