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Cable Machine Resources

Spartan Tool manufactures a full line of exceptionally well-built drain cleaning machines, drain cables, cutting blades and accessories. Our cable machines are carefully assembled with operator safety as our foremost priority, and our SparShine™ cable is the best in the industry.

We created these pages to help you learn more about cable machine technology, so you can select the tool that is right for your needs. Use the links on the left or below for more information on machine types, components, drain snakes, cutting blades and attachments, and tips for safe operation.

Drain Cleaning Machine Component Parts
The diagram below shows the Spartan Model 1065 cable machine. The following are the major components making up the machi...
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Drain Cleaning Machine Safety
Operation of any cable machine is inherently dangerous and the operator must be aware of these dangers and practice all ...
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Drain Cleaning Machine Types
The mechanical drain cleaning machine, sometimes referred to as a “cable machine” or “drain auger”, is the oldest type o...
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Sewer Drain Snake Cutting Blades and Attachments
The selection of the attachment for a sewer snake is also important. The choice of attachments for a sewer drain snake i...
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Sewer Drain Snake Types and Recommended Sizes
Selecting the proper sewer snake size and type is very important -- a snake cable that is too small or too weak for the ...
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