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Focus on getting the job done and avoid costly down time.
Your Spartan jetter is a significant investment. To protect that investment and make it last, regular maintenance is a must. A Spartan maintenance plan will extend the life of your equipment, reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs, and maintain the performance of your equipment.

Spartan-backed maintenance you can trust.

  • Services performed by factory trained technicians to comply with all Spartan warranty requirements
  • Full coverage of services in each plan
  • Follows all recommended maintenance
  • Multi-point inspections designed for each jetter model
  • Maintains your jetter's reliability and value
  • Genuine Spartan or Spartan-approved parts used for each service

Choose peace of mind.

  • With 3 packages and ala cart pricing available, you can choose the package that's right for you and your business
  • Covered services are at today's prices, protecting you from future price increases
  • There is a lot more that goes into servicing a jetter than just the engine. That's why our maintenance plans take into consideration every part of your machine
  • Don't put yourself in jeopardy of unexpected downtime caused by lack of maintenance
  • Our factory trained Field Service Technicians know your Spartan equipment best and can identify potential problems during regular maintenance that other service providers might miss