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Explorer TrapJumper Pushrod Camera

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The strength and flexibility needed to go beyond the bend. Introducing the TrapJumper by Spartan Tool. At Spartan we know navigating a house trap can be difficult. The TrapJumper was engineered to make your life easier. The TrapJumper is a lightweight push-rod camera, designed to provide both flexibility to navigate tight trap-bends and strength to be pushed the distance. With the TrapJumper camera and Explorer control box, you can easily show the customer exactly what ails their plumbing system and get the job done.

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Compatible with the Explorer modular camera system, the TrapJumper is flexible enough to handle the tight bends and curves of a commercial trap pipe, while still being strong enough to be pushed the distance—up to 130 feet.

The latest generation LED light-ring provides a generous 41 lumen output, and this is fully controllable through the Explorer control box. Also in keeping with the rest of the Explorer line, the TrapJumper camera is IP68 rated and is self-leveling.

The TrapJumper is intelligently designed, with the sonde built into the camera. In similar camera systems, the sonde is built into the spring which can hinder flexibility and exposes it to potential damage. The TrapJumper design gives the spring 360°+ flexibility while protecting it from the elements and from damage, as the coil repeatedly flexes around the trap.

This lightweight pipeline inspection system is conveniently portable and designed to get you around those tight and sometimes abrasive bends.


  • Embedded industry standard WinCan software included—No more double inputting, saving you time and money
  • Other reporting software includes basic text overlay
  • Weather resistant construction - IP rated: IP64 Open & Closed
  • Can be washed down after use
  • Tough, waterproof and ergonomic QWERTY keypad
  • 10.4” super-bright sunlight readable LCD display with auto brightness
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batter with up to 9 hours running time
  • Future-proof—software updates via the internet
  • CCD color camera
  • Super-bright LED illumination
  • Super low LUX sensitivity
  • Stainless steel camera head
  • Built-in 512 Hz sonde locator (30mm camera head)
  • Built-in footage counter
  • Open reel design for easy cleaning
  • Freeze-frame snapshot capability at any time
  • System health status
  • Weight : 26 lbs
  • Height : 20.5"
  • Width : 17.5"
  • Depth : 12.5" (folded)
  • Depth : 18.8" (unfolded)
  • Push Rod Length : 130'
  • Push Rod Diameter : 8.6 mm
  • Camera Head Length : 44 mm
  • Camera Head Diameter : 30 mm
  • Battery : Li-ion
  • Battery Life : Up to 9 hours
  • Ingress Protection, Reel : IP54
  • Ingress Protection, Camera : IP68
  • Light Source : 12 LED
  • Resolution : 720 x 576
  • Minimum Bend Radius : 3"
  • Sonde Frequency : 512 kHz
  • Sonde Location : Camera Head
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