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Providing awareness for a safe and productive jobsite.

Spartan's transmitter allows you to place signals on video reels or cable for easy line tracing and depth estimation using the Spartan locator. The powerful 5 watt transmitter also allows tracing of water lines, drain lines, tracer wire, conduit, and more.

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  • Intuitive operator interface is easy to learn and use, and includes multiple languages
  • Superior battery life: 100+ hours (max); more than twice as long as the competition's
  • Ruggedly built, industry-best IP65 rating to ensure excellent performance in dusty, dirty or wet jobsite conditions
  • Power : 5 watt
  • Frequencies : 640 Hz, 800 Hz, 32.8kHz, 65.5Khz
  • Current, max : 500 mA
  • Voltage, max : 65V rms
  • Weight : 7.7 lbs
  • Width : 7.75"
  • Height : 10"
  • Depth : 12"
  • Battery : 10 D-Cell (LR20)
  • Battery Life : 100 hours (alkaline)
  • Operating Temperature : -4 - 122°F
  • Storage Temperature : -25 - 158°F
  • Environmental : IP65
  • Warranty : (1) year limited warranty
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